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“ Do It Yourself ”

Building Kits

At All Steel Buildings we had four goals in mind when

Engineering and Designing the EZ2-Build Building Kit.

1st ) The Installer’s Safety.

2nd ) The Installer’s Time.

3rd ) To Use Quality Materials.

4th ) To Make it Affordable.

These Building Kits are Pre-Engineered, Prefabricated and Specifically Designed

to make our EZ2 Build Building one of the most Strongest and Affordable Building

to Erect, in a Safe and Timely manner.

1) Safety & Time Effective Is In Our Motto :

“ We Do The Hard Work, So Your Work Is Made Easy ”.

We know at ALL STEEL BUILDINGS, the more work we do at our fabrication shop,

the less work is required in the field. Therefore, making it Easier, Quicker and Safer

for the installer.

2) Build A Quality Building that will Last for Years.

At ALL STEEL BUILDINGS, we know that Over time Wood will Rot and Red Iron will Rust

Our buildings consist of High Quality Galvanized Framing Materials,

Using Heavy 26Ga. PBR Colored Panels of Your choice with 40 Year Warranty.

We take pride in knowing our Buildings, will last a very, long time.

3) Make it Cost Effective for Our Customers.

Because we fabricate so many buildings and order materials at such a high volume

we are able to sell our Building Kits to our customers at a very Economical rate.

All EZ2-Build Building Kits come with all the necessary components,

needed to completely install your building.

All Building Kits Come with A Typical Building Frame Drawing.

We offer Free technical support to answer any of your questions, concerning installation.